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RevasOS has privacy at its core

RevasOS uses security systems designed to protect data from unauthorized access and ensure that it is used with awareness. And this is the least we can do.

We want to spread technology that protects privacy

The private data of people and organizations are delicate and important, and no one should have access to this information. RevasOS aims to build products and deploy technologies that properly accompany organizations in understanding the importance of data to protect everyone and everyone.


What's inside RevasOS stays inside RevasOS.

RevasOS is designed in every aspect to respect 100% data territoriality. In fact, the EU1 European data center contains all data from European organizations and users without letting a single byte leave European borders to ensure data protection from European privacy regulations. Not only that, RevasOS does not share, sell or send data to third parties in general.

no monitoring

What you do on RevasOS is known only to you

RevasOS does not monetize customer data or perform intrusive analytics to understand personal information and behavioral trends. This is not our business model; RevasOS is a pay-as-you-go system that is not based on selling data but on the actual use of the system and the satisfaction of our users who renew their subscription each year. Light years away from the business model of surveillance capitalism

bare minimum

RevasOS does a lot with little data

RevasOS collects only essential user data to best protect the security of the organizations that choose us. We have a powerful user, employee and contact system with sophisticated data access and information protection features.


All the tools for privacy protection

Each part of the system has a privacy manual for the proper use of applications to protect the privacy of all users

our focus

Protecting your data is our first commitment

Our products and their features give you innovative privacy protection technologies designed to minimize the amount of data you share with us or anyone else. And powerful security features allow access to your data only to you. We are constantly looking for new ways to keep your personal information safe at all times.

Transform the way you work

Start with one area and then digitize the rest of the organization. With RevasOS, you can do all this and more.

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