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Whether it is a small sprint or a large, multi-year project, it is important that project managers and stakeholders involved are clear about what to do, when to do it, and how the project is going. With RevasOS apps, your organization can provide all of its projects with the best tools to design, plan, report and track moment by moment.

Manage projects of all kinds

Whether they end in two months or three years, RevasOS allows you to plan and track both small and large projects. Enter start and end dates and start creating goals and activities right away.


Assign the workload in a balanced way to the human resources involved

RevasOS apps are magically linked together to access essential data and information. Thanks to the allocation map, you are always in control of the workload of each resource involved in the project based on their work contracts and hourly schedules. So when you create a new task or view the chronogram, you immediately understand which resources are available and which are overloaded. With RevasOS, you will always distribute the workload of all stakeholders in a balanced way that is appropriate to what is available.


Make estimates and projections, monitor trends and report

For each phase of the project, RevasOS puts all the tools in the hands of designers and planners to succeed. At the beginning of the project, you can see projections of costs, hours, and prices based on planned activities and the contracts of the human resources involved. Once the project has started, you monitor the activities performed and costs and compare them with estimates. And when the project is over, you have plenty of data and information to create rich and informed reports for all stakeholders.


See at a glance the status of a project in its entirety

Do you want to know if activities overlap or if one ends before another? Thanks to the chronogram, you see all the goals and scheduled activities graphically. Different colors allow you to navigate visually with ease, and if you need to you can filter everything by months or weeks. So you always have a clear map of the complete project at your fingertips.


Manage project financial planning from design to completion

Having an eye on costs, revenues and turnover keeps projects healthy. With RevasOS you plan each budget in detail with all planned expenses. If some expenses are billable, you can define the price by cost as well. Once the project is underway, you can track all unplanned expenses accurately. And with reports, you always have a way to analyze the financial progress of each project at any time.


Takes project efficiency to a whole other level

Estimates and forecasts are updated when hourly contracts and resource availabilities are changed. At each reporting, costs and revenues are calculated based on the actual hourly cost of the resources involved. Is an expense added? The corresponding budget records it and it appears immediately on the reports. With RevasOS you have an entire ecosystem of apps that communicate with each other and take project management to a new level of productivity and efficiency


From an unplanned expense to an activity completed off-site at the last minute, with the RevasOS smartphone app you quickly record them at any time. Enter an attendance, report the activities performed during the day, and add that expense you made for the project. The RevasOS app is lightweight and straightforward, making project reporting always reliable, timely, and recorded live.


With time sheets, all project stakeholders record activities performed and attendance by entering hours accurately. And with the mobile app you take reporting to a whole other level. In the office, off-site or remotely, you can always record an attendance, complete a timesheet or upload an expense. That way, you always have up-to-date data to track goal completion and compare with estimates and forecasts.


With the convenient main screen of projects, you see at a glance the goals set and their durations. Past goals are closed while ongoing goals are open, so you know immediately where to focus your attention. And for each task you know to whom it is assigned and whether it is in progress or already completed without going into detail.


When projects and budgets increase, it is essential to keep the focus only on those that are still open and active. Thanks to the archive, with RevasOS you can keep track of all the projects with related budgets you are working on, safely keeping those that are finished or stopped in their own separate section. Whether for reporting or quick reference, you can access and view all the details of archived projects and budgets at any time.


Need to do more complex reporting on financial performance? Download a CSV and Excel sheet of the different budgets and apply your own formulas.


Whether the project is large or small, it is important to know who is working on it and possibly who the clients are. With links to the human resources and master database, you see right from the screen of a project who is working on a specific task and also who the customers are. In this way, you never lose sight of all the stakeholders involved


Innovative in many ways


A game changer for you and the environment

From choosing vendors to where we decide to keep data, our choices are driven by the ongoing quest to reduce our impact. And without going to impact performance. We want to give companies powerful sustainable technologies


Privacy is in its core

RevasOS uses security systems designed to protect data from unauthorized access and ensure that it is used with awareness. And this is the least we can do.


Innovative even in how you pay for it

Thanks to monitoring systems, RevasOS knows when applications are being used and when they are not. In this way, you pay only for what you actually used.

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