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Revas is where you build powerful and future-forward websites, with a simplicity and ease of use you’ve never seen before

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Build amazing websites all by yourself

Building a website with RevasOS is as easy as posting on social media or writing a document. Forget learning how to code, design or the technical jargon: you already have the knowledge and skills to build the best website ever and make it grow for the years to come.


The easiest editor you can find

Building a website has never been easier. Add pages, blocks and images with a familiar interface that’s easy to use and lighnting fast.

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Create flows flawlessly

Link pages with navigation menus, in-page links or buttons: creating your flows is fast and intuitive with RevasOS

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Amazing design ready to use

RevasOS gives you access to templates that have been meticolously crafted to look beautiful, fresh and modern on every device.

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Fully customizable to make it yours

A Revas website is simple and easy to sue but extremely powerful and ready for more complex customisation to expand its functionalities

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Publish your website instantly

Drafts let you create new pages and blocks with peace of mind. And once you’re ready to publish, all your changes will go online with just the click of a button. Everything will be fast and optimized for search engines right out of the box

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Edit drafts or just hit publish

Create pages with your own pace, preview them as drafts and then when you’re ready publish all the changes with just the click of a button

fast and optimized

Live instantly and already optimized

As soon as you hit publish, your website is live. And not only that: pages are fast and already optimized for SEO and accessibility.


Make your website grow from small to big

Thanks to built-in internationalisation and SEO technical optimization, the content management system and the possibility to expand its functionalities with code injection, you’re ready to make your website grow all on your own. And managing it will stay easy and intuitive.

Built-in CMS

Manage all your contents

From blogs to interviews, stories or job listings, you can manage your contents with the same ease of use of editing a text document. All in one place.

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SEO & Performance

Fast and optimized for SEO

Your website will be extremely fast and with all the technical optimization that will make search engine discover and understand your content better. Right out of the box.

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Hassle-free management

You can manage ten sites with lots of pages with the same ease of use of managing your first one. Drafts, teams and permissions will help you handle collaborators like a breeze

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Add languages and go global

Make your website speak different language or even add sections and pages only for certain languages. Revas will take care of the rest and make your website go global

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Wow your users with never seen before websites

The websites you build with Revas are on a league on their own. They’re the greenest you can find, with the lowest carbon footprint possible, fast and buttery smooth, and can be used by any user regardless of their level of ability. Build a website that you’ll be proud of and that will leave your users with a great first impression.

Greener than 95% of websites. Globally.

Revas servers use clean energy to run and are technically optimized to shut down when they’re not required. That’s why only 5 website on 100 will be greener than yours.

5x faster than the average website

Out of the box, your website loads fast whatever the images and contents you’ve added, giving users a navigation experience that’s snappy and fluid.

The lowest carbon footprint per page view

Thanks to the usage of clean energy and energy saving technologies, your website will produce only 0.03g of CO2 instead of the average 4,61g, that’s 150 times less.

0.5s average page load speed

Half a second — that’s how much on average a page loads when you build a website with Revas while on average a website loads in 3 seconds.

Compliant with accessibility standards right out of the box

Users can change contrast and text size to adjust it to their viewing ability. And that’s just the start: all templates are built to respect semantics and different navigation mode.

Privacy by default with no tracking tools installed

Apart from the technical cookies that allow accessibility, internazionalisation and themes to work, your website won’t install any tracking tools respecting user privacy by default.

Create the website you and your users will love

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