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The future of work. Today.

Complete and manage all your projects and activities. Enhance your communication with state-of-the-art websites. Track work hours and timekeeping and cultivate relationships with your contacts. All with single software that respects privacy, environment and security. This is RevasOS, the workplaceOS that prepares you for the future.


Do your work. To the best of your ability.

Whether it's project management, online communication, human resources or building a complete and flexible CRM, RevasOS has all the apps ready for what you need.

project management

From small projects to multi-year calls, with RevasOS you successfully analyze, report and carry out all kinds of projects.

CMS + Website builder

One, two or twenty websites. With two or two hundred pages. With RevasOS, you have all the tools for your online strategy

CRM + Contacts database

Whether ten or a thousand contacts, the RevasOS apps are ready to handle them all without batting an eye.

human resources

Allocazioni automatiche con algoritmo lineare, disponibilità sempre aggiornate e contratti di ogni tipo.


Innovative in many ways


A game changer for you and the environment

From choosing vendors to where we decide to keep data, our choices are driven by the ongoing quest to reduce our impact. And without going to impact performance. We want to give companies powerful sustainable technologies

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Privacy is in its core

RevasOS uses security systems designed to protect data from unauthorized access and ensure that it is used with awareness. And this is the least we can do.

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Innovative even in how you pay for it

Thanks to monitoring systems, RevasOS knows when applications are being used and when they are not. In this way, you pay only for what you actually used.

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Transform the way you work

Start with one area and then digitize the rest of the organization. With RevasOS, you can do all this and more.

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