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Its job is to make you do your job.

In a changing world, organizations that innovate thrive. With RevasOS, the organization you are a part of can give employees the best tools to work, administer, report and collaborate and really make a difference. Wherever they are.

the new way of working

RevasOS is such a versatile workOS that it is always ready for any situation. It has many immediately ready-to-use apps that are designed for use cases of all kinds, from the simplest to the most advanced. The cloud and serverless architecture makes it very efficient, always updated to the best performing version, and usable anywhere at any time. And the intuitive design makes RevasOS a marvel to use day after day.

many apps

Lots of apps to do a lot. All in one place

Not one, not three but over a dozen apps are available to the organization. Start with the ones you need right away. After a year have you grown and need to manage time and attendance? Or does project reporting require more resources and detailed reports? Log on to the RevasOS Store, install the apps right away, and as soon as you start using them they are already integrated with all the other apps you are already using. With the same familiarity and usability you are already used to. And all in one place-that's the power of RevasOS.

RevasOS for

Project Management

From small projects to multi-year calls, with RevasOS you successfully analyze, report and carry out all kinds of projects.

RevasOS for

Web Marketing

One, two or twenty websites. With two or two hundred pages. With RevasOS, your organization's online strategy has found the ideal partner.

RevasOS for

Contacts and CRM

Whether ten or a thousand contacts, RevasOS apps are ready to manage them all without batting an eye. From contacts to members to memberships, relationship management becomes a wonder with RevasOS.

RevasOS for

Human Resources and Personnel

Allocazioni automatiche con algoritmo lineare, disponibilità sempre aggiornate e contratti di ogni tipo. Con RevasOS, la gestione delle risorse umane acquista nuovi superpoteri.

users and groups

Takes teamwork seriously

Add collaborators. Create the right permissions and assign roles. Want to see what permissions have been activated? There is a summary table for each collaborator. With RevasOS identity and access management systems, user setup becomes fast and accurate. And right out of the box, you're in control of everything from roles to permissions.

collaborators and teams

Add all employees and collaborators to the organization space and manage them from a single admini panel. And not only that, thanks to teams, you can manage permissions and roles of multiple collaborators at once.

Identity access management

RevasOS and the Admin Panel allow you to assign roles and permissions with which to have only what is authorized performed and viewed. Roles change from app to app, for more granular management, and can be assigned to teams or individual contributors.

instant start

With the RevasOS Instant Start system, admins can make configurations and integrate the future collaborator into workflows even before he or she enrolls, assigning tasks, activities or projects. And when the new collaborator enrolls, he or she will see everything assigned to start activities right away.

access and security

The future is a lot safer

Imagine all the security of having a protected account. Without the hassle of remembering a password. Enter your email and our security systems will send you a different passcode each time to log in. Or authenticate with Google. With RevasOS Secure Access, the way you log in takes a leap into the future.


With RevasOS Secure Access passwordless access, you no longer need to memorize a password. Each time the email is entered, RevasOS Secure Access sends a unique code to be entered to gain access. This increases the security of one's account.

roles and permissions

Thanks to role and permission management, each user accesses only the resources he or she needs and can perform only authorized operations. In this way, the integrity of the system is better safeguarded.

great tech

Cutting-edge technologies and modern development methodologies enable it to cope with system vulnerabilities and threats. Therefore, RevasOS is created with all the latest and tested development techniques.


Innovative in many ways


A game changer for you and the environment

From choosing vendors to where we decide to keep data, our choices are driven by the ongoing quest to reduce our impact. And without going to impact performance. We want to give companies powerful sustainable technologies

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Privacy is in its core

RevasOS uses security systems designed to protect data from unauthorized access and ensure that it is used with awareness. And this is the least we can do.

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Innovative even in how you pay for it

Thanks to monitoring systems, RevasOS knows when applications are being used and when they are not. In this way, you pay only for what you actually used.

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Transform the way you work

Start with one area and then digitize the rest of the organization. With RevasOS, you can do all this and more.

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