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RevasOS is a game changer for you and for the environment

We create products that have a positive impact on businesses and the environment


We want to give companies powerful sustainable technologies

RevasOS has a goal: to build the best technologies and make them available to companies and organizations to guide them toward truly decarbonizing information systems. When we develop our products and strategies, we think about how to make sustainability scalable: we create technologies and software designed to be sustainable and help the people and companies that use them have a greater positive impact.

We seek to meet the challenges of climate change by spreading the use of Revas technologies capable of making a difference for businesses, nonprofits, and individuals in a way that creates a more sustainable world.

That is why we decided to make environmental assessment an integral part of our development process

The software used by organizations can have a huge impact-the more green software used in everyday activities, the more you can reduce your impact on the planet.

Indeed, in the coming decades, it will be necessary to reduce the environmental impact of the activities we perform every day because of the need to eliminate the use of fossil fuels. This is a great transformative process for humanity, but it will make it possible to prevent the most catastrophic effects of climate change.

To achieve this goal, therefore, the amount of emissions into the atmosphere will have to be reduced and the carbon already present removed. Over the next decade, the transition to low-carbon electrical systems will require and organizations and governments to understand and remove their electrical footprint.


High-quality technology with low environmental impact. A dream now a reality.

The servers and data centers where RevasOS is hosted are operated by Google, which has been at the forefront of initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of technology and carbon neutral since 2007. We can measure how much carbon dioxide RevasOS produces when it is used and the sources of the electricity used. And we write code to optimize performance and resource use. We believe that developing high-quality technologies with no impact on the environment is possible. And RevasOS is proof of that.


Google Carbon Sense

We have the Carbon Sense suite available that allows us to constantly monitor the environmental impact of RevasOS.



kilograms of CO2 emitted by all of RevasOS in the past year, it's like driving a car from Rome to Turin


127 gCO2eq/kWh

is our carbon intensity, which is how many grams of CO2 we produced to produce one kilowatt per hour of electricity


We build the foundation with the environment in mind

From choosing vendors to where we decide to keep data, our choices are driven by the ongoing quest to reduce our impact. And without going to impact performance.

Google Cloud

We select strategic suppliers

All of our data centers use technologies to maximize carbon footprint reduction. In fact, Google invests in sustainability initiatives every year, and because of their work, all of our servers are carbon neutral. The goal is to achieve exclusive use of carbon-free power by 2030.

EU1 in Finland

A one-of-a-kind datacenter

The European EU1 data center where the RevasOS code is located is located in Finland, where the servers are cooled with the icy water of the Finnish seas, reducing energy consumption and disregard. 100% carbon neutral, 91% of the energy it uses comes from completely renewable sources-it is one of the first of its kind in the world


Smarter, more efficient data centers

Google's data centers are 200 percent more energy efficient than typical enterprise data centers, and for the same power consumption they provide 600 percent more computing power today than they did five years ago. Thus, they can have high performance with a reduced level of emissions.

We write code to optimize every aspect

Optimizing computing resources allows us to use less electricity, and the technologies we have developed and used allow for extreme optimization of the computing resources required. These are small things, but many small things together make it possible to do big things. For companies and for the environment.


Servers on only when needed

The entire RevasOS is serverless, that is, the servers remain on only at the exact moments they are being used: as soon as users stop clicking, the servers shut down. We also manage to do this with a speed and accuracy of a few milliseconds. Thanks to these systems, RevasOS uses resources only when it is actually used, greatly reducing waste.


Environmental analysis in software development

All RevasOS software products are designed to be as close together as possible and convey only and exclusively the essential information that the system actually requires when it is used. Because of this close integration of software development and environmental impact, RevasOS products do not make unnecessary calculations and provide great savings in memory and computing power.


Low impact, high performance

Environmental sustainability is also synonymous with high performance. And RevasOS is proof of this: in fact, our systems achieve extremely high performance through the use of caches and CDNs for files optimized down to the smallest detail

Transform the way you work

Start with one area and then digitize the rest of the organization. With RevasOS, you can do all this and more.

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