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Human resources are the engine of an efficient organization, and when work is well distributed and managed, every resource succeeds in performing at its best. With RevasOS, those in charge of human resources allocate them automatically with the linear allocation algorithm, manage availability with very high detail, and define labor contracts in ways never thought of before.

Always give the appropriate workload. In automatic

RevasOS employs a linear allocation algorithm to allocate all system resources. And it is an algorithm designed to be very intelligent. In fact, it integrates data that comes from any other activities already allocated to resources and from contracts. Both those that are active but also those that will be activated. In this way, when you assign an activity you have the assurance that the hours are always distributed in the best way for each resource.

Master records are already ready

Enter the name of the new resource and immediately RevasOS proposes its master data from the master database. Right away, all the data you need is already filled in and you focus on what you need.

Perfects the estimates with real data

With RevasOS, managing cost estimates and human resource allocations becomes intuitive and precise. Thanks to the hourly cost correction, you can adjust the estimates made by reflecting the actual costs incurred by the organization over time. And by adjusting the allocation algorithm changes, you can regenerate allocations period by period, for the highest level of accuracy. And it's all just a few clicks away.

Manage the entire contractual history of the resources

Whether they are contracts concluded, in progress or that will be activated in the future, determined or indefinite, with RevasOS you always have the entire history of a resource's hourly contracts at hand. And thanks to deep integration between services, all changes are included in project allocations and estimates. You will thus have a faithful vision of all the organization's availability.

Availability and allocations at a glance

With an intuitive design designed for quick views, you can see a resource's available allocations and hours at a glance. If you see green, then you can still allocate hours. If you see red, then the resource is overallocated. Do you want more information? You find hours and percentages right where you need them.

The levels of detail are very high

Having an overall vision is important for managing human resources as well as having the opportunity to see the details. With RevasOS, you access the details of each resource and view the allocation calendar day by day. And in the attendance report you can check the balance of working hours month by month compared to the contract hours, the actual hours and the hours of absence. This way, you will no longer miss any important details.


Stampings? Present!

With RevasOS, clocking in starts off on the right foot. Configure the workplaces, including remote, and each employee can start clocking in and out, including breaks. And with each clock-in, the presence is created automatically with all the data and updates the presence report. In this way, clocking in and collecting attendance reaches a whole new level of immediacy and efficiency.

timesheets and expenses

Ogni presenza può essere collegata a una attività assegnata. Se vuoi fare il salto di qualità, la rendicontazione avanzata permette di suddividere una presenza in più attività. E può essere fatto tutto dall’app, anche dopo aver chiuso una timbratura della giornata. Rendicontare il proprio foglio ore non è mai stato così efficiente. C'è una spesa da notificare? Rendicontala e indica se è da rimborsare o meno. RevasOS fa anche questo.

mobile app and NFC tag

When you use great tools, you do great things. With RevasOS, HR has all the cutting-edge tools ready to use. The mobile app allows you to clock in in the office and also remotely. And NFC tags allow you to clock in in the most natural way possible - just bring your phone closer.


In human resource management, focusing on the essentials is key. For this reason, thanks to the archive function, with RevasOS you can separate active resources from inactive ones. Without altering past estimates. Does an archived resource become active again? Here it is restored in just a few clicks.


Resource allocation, contract management, availability and clocking in a single service

Enter past, active and future contracts for a high level of estimation and reporting

Allocate resources automatically with the linear allocation algorithm based on assigned tasks and hours available from the contract

Refine cost estimates and allocations with real data

Allow your team to clock in with maximum efficiency with mobile apps, NFC or manual dashboards

Update timesheets automatically with attendance generated by clocking in


Innovative in many ways


A game changer for you and the environment

From choosing vendors to where we decide to keep data, our choices are driven by the ongoing quest to reduce our impact. And without going to impact performance. We want to give companies powerful sustainable technologies


Privacy is in its core

RevasOS uses security systems designed to protect data from unauthorized access and ensure that it is used with awareness. And this is the least we can do.


Innovative even in how you pay for it

Thanks to monitoring systems, RevasOS knows when applications are being used and when they are not. In this way, you pay only for what you actually used.

RevasOS is the workplaceOS that transforms the way you work

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